آموزش گام به گام زبان انگلیسی - درس بیست و سوم

آموزش گام به گام زبان انگلیسی

آموزش زبان انگلیسی با متد نصرت 1 -2-3 (این وبلاگ وابسته به سایت مـــــدیــر مـــن میباشد)

درس بیست و سوم

I have a hundred dollars.
big enough
gas station
more expensive
It's only five kilometers.
It's three miles.
How far is Houston from here?
from here to Tehran
How many kilometers is it to London?
Nice to meet you.
Where are your children?
They're over there.
How many children do you have?
We only have one child.
Who is it?
It's me.
Is that you, Mina?
Yes, it's me.
No, it's me Shadi.
Then where's Mina?
I don't know where she is.
Excuse me. Where's the restroom?
It's over there.
It's over here.
I'm a little tired.
Why are you tired?
I don't know.
Your daughter's very cute.
Where are you going?
I'm going to the store.
Do you have enough money?
No, I need some money.
How much do you need?
Is one hundred dollars enough?
Yes, I think that's enough.
four hundred
seven hundred
eight hundred
one hundred
three hundred
three hundred twenty-seven
two hundred sixty-five
eight hundred seventeen
nine hundred four
How many children do you have?
Is that your car?
Your car is not big enough.
Because you have five children.
big enough
cheap enough
good enough
That house is too small for you.
Yes, that's not big enough for me.
We're going to Canada tomorrow.
How far is Canada?
how far?
It's very far.
Canada is very far from here.
It's very far from here.
It's eight hundred miles from here.
one mile
five hundred miles
How far is the beach from here?
It's not very far.
It's only six miles.
It's only ten kilometers.
one kilometer
how far?
how big?
How big is your house?
It's not very big.
But it's big enough for me.
How far is your house from here?
It's only five miles.
It's only eight kilometers.
Yes, really.
That's not very far.
I'm buying a house.
Yes, really.
How much is a house here?
I don't know.
But I think it's very expensive.
more expensive
Your house is more expensive than mine.
But my car is more expensive than yours.
Your car's cheaper.
And it's not big enough.
Is that your car?
No, my car is over there.
A: Hello, Steve. How are you?
B: I'm fine, thanks. And you?
A: Very well. What are you going to do tomorrow, Steve?
B: I want to go to London tomorrow.
A: Oh, really? How far is London from here?
B: It's not very far. it's only two hundred kilometers.
A: Two hundred kilometers? How many miles is that?
B: I think that's a hundred twenty-five miles, but I'm not sure.
A: Are your children and your wife going with you?
B: Yes, they are. We're going together.
A: Really? Are you going to a hotel in London?
B: No, we're not. We have some very good friends in London. We don't need to go to
a hotel.
A: Okay, Steve. I have to go now. Goodbye.
B: Goodbye.
What do you want to do tomorrow?
How far is Manchester from here?
You need a lot of gas.
Gas is very expensive in Los Angeles.
But it's more expensive in London.
Yes, really.
How do you know that?
Because my son lives there.
How much is gas in Canada?
I really don't know.
We need some gas.
Where can we buy some gas?
at a gas station
gas station
a gas station
the gas station
Where's the gas station?
It's over there.
Can you tell me where the gas station is?
Excuse me. Where can I buy some gas?
at a gas station
over there at the gas station
Is Houston very far from here?
from here to Houston
my house
from here to my house
It's two miles from here to my house.
It's four kilometers from here to the gas station.
from there
It's eighteen miles from there to here.
big enough
how far?
How far is it?
from here
from there
How many children do you have?
How many miles is it?
from here to Los Angeles
How many miles is it from here to Los Angeles?
How many kilometers is it from here to Frankfort?
I think it's three hundred fifty kilometers.
Yes, or maybe more.
I'm not sure.
I have to buy some gas.
Do you know where the gas station is?
The gas station is on Main Street.
more expensive
Gas is more expensive here.
enough money
enough gas
Do you have enough gas?
Yes, I do.
No, I don't.
How far is Esfahan?
How many kilometers is it to Esfahan?
It's six hundred twenty-five kilometers.
It's three hundred ninety miles.
Where's the gas station?
Is it very far from here?
No, It's only two miles from here.
It's over there.
Nice to meet you, too.

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